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Trapeza  has the wonderful beach of the (Punta) and as you go higher you can enjoy the panoramic position with breathtaking views of the whole Corinthian Sea.

On a slope above the village is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity that was built on the ruins of the temple of the goddess Earth, from which one can still "Dome" (conical structure of the Mycenaean era) which was converted into a Christian church. Inside the church there are paintings from 1757 AD
The Monastery of the Holy Trinity was founded in 1936 AD and by 1945 there were monks. Later was devastated, but then actions of the Bishop of Kalavryta and Egialias Mr. Ambrose was restored. In a plateau just above the monastery will come across large areas of vineyards and the ruined Abbey of St. Nicholas.

Finds from the ancient city Voura found in Trapeza (although some scholars place it above the village castle in Upper Diakopto. There is also the opinion that Voura was in the place that  today is Mamousia). The ancient Voura named after the daughter of Ion and Helice, belonged to the ancient Ionian and Achaean Dodecapolis and pioneered the establishment of the Achaean League.

Trapezas original  residents were  Ionians and Achaeans but  after the earthquake in 373 BC that destroyed the propeller, and caused her sinking. Investigations in the area have found ruins of an ancient theater, traces of walls, numerous shrines with exquisite art statues, coins depict the cave and the statue of Hercules, etc.

Number of Residents  361